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This show will help you identify toxic behavior and poisonous communication. It will also help you unravel the mystery of emotional and verbal abuse, manipulation, and deception by revealing what so many people outside the relationship can't see.
Love and Abuse is the official podcast of The M.E.A.N. Workbook on emotional abuse and manipulation in relationships. Use this podcast as an addendum to the workbook to help you continue along your journey to regain your power and your life. You do not have to own the workbook to follow along, but knowing your M.E.A.N. score by taking the assessment will help you pinpoint the exact behaviors causing challenges in your relationship.
Plus, the workbook will give you a solid understanding of the state of your relationship.
Emotional abusers can trick the world by being kind, caring and generous to everyone else but those they are supposed to love most. Let this show guide you through their hurtful and often confusing behavior.

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17  May  2019 Are they for real: Is it all lies and deception or are you just going nuts? Download
06  May  2019 How isolation ensures you lose your friends, family and support system Download
23  Apr  2019 In love with someone that wants it both ways: Healing from the obsession over the unhealthy relationship Download
22  Apr  2019 Stopping the downward spiral of unhealthy communication patterns with self-reflection Download
10  Apr  2019 There is nothing you could have done differently, emotional abuse would have happened anyway Download
27  Mar  2019 How you enable manipulative and controlling behavior by being your wonderful self Download
23  Mar  2019 Yes, there are people that know how to control you and steal your power Download
15  Mar  2019 The narcissist under the hood - The difficulty of explaining emotional abuse to friends and family Download
13  Mar  2019 Are you with a manipulative person? Download
12  Mar  2019 The texts after the breakup: When breadcrumbing keeps you from reaching closure Download
11  Mar  2019 When manipulative people change your reality: Crazymaking and Gaslighting Download
06  Mar  2019 Confusing you into submission: A common manipulation you may fall for again and again Download
03  Mar  2019 Remembering only the good times can sometimes perpetuate the bad times Download
28  Feb  2019 Selfish people just don't really care about you Download
27  Feb  2019 Recognizing you are being emotionally abused when you don't see the signs Download
19  Feb  2019 When you're constantly defending yourself Download
18  Feb  2019 Are you the manipulative one? Download
15  Feb  2019 Watching out for emotional predators. Are you being brainwashed into becoming a manipulation or emotional abuse victim? Download
14  Feb  2019 The "You're too sensitive" game Download
14  Feb  2019 Don't dismiss the red flags of manipulation and deception Download
14  Feb  2019 Introduction: The show about unhealthy communication, emotional abuse and manipulation Download