Emotionally abusive isolation and how it ensures you lose your friends, family, and support system

Isolation occurs when someone wants to keep you from your friends, family, and support structures. You will become more dependent on the one who is isolating you, causing you to seek all of your friendship, love, and support from that one person.

As you see other people less and less, control sinks in more and more. Soon, you will feel alone and completely shut out from the rest of the world.

(transcript coming soon)

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These isolation tactics become so clear when you explain them. My ex-husband would put down my friends and family and would tell me if I spent time with them it was because I not only accepted their “character flaws” but that they would influence me to behave the same. I stopped seeking friendships and limited contact with family just to avoid his beratment and also because I felt I had to prove my character to him. I honestly did not realize this behavior was abusive for many years as I was so wrapped up in trying to please him and be accepted by him. Thank you for validating what so many of us have been through and helping others recognize these unhealthy behaviors.

Paul Colaianni

Thank you so much for sharing this Lindsay. I hope your story inspires others in a similar situation to think about these things a little deeper in hopes to open their eyes to what’s happening.

You describe the elusive and subtle nature of emotional abuse that can be missed easily because you are occupied trying to do what you believe to be the right thing.

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