Emotional Abuse explained for your friends, family, attorney, therapist or anyone else that may need to know what you’re experiencing

shocked when they find out what emotional abuse you're going throughEmotional abuse victims have a very difficult time trying to explain what’s happening to them to their friends and family.

Often, loving, supportive people may side with the abuser simply because they can’t see or believe that the person being accused of abusing is a bad person. This leaves the victim of the abuse feeling alone with no one to turn to because their support system slowly disappears around them.

This episode of Love and Abuse is meant to be given to family, friends, your attorney, your therapist, or anyone else that doesn’t understand the depth of control and manipulation happening in your relationship.

Think of it as an emotional abuse and manipulation translation guide.

Love and Abuse is the official podcast of The M.E.A.N. Workbook on emotional abuse and manipulation, an assessment and healing guide for difficult relationships

Transcript coming soon

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