About the Love and Abuse Podcast

my partner is emotionally abusive

Emotionally abusive behavior is rampant in many relationships. Whether romantic, family, friend, or coworker, when control and manipulation are introduced into our interactions, our relationships can become more difficult than they need to be.

And unfortunately, some relationships are toxic.

Love and Abuse will help you identify poisonous communication and toxic behavior. It will also help you unravel the mystery of emotional and verbal abuse, manipulation, narcissistic abuse, and deceptive behavior by revealing what so many people outside the relationship can’t see.

Those who do emotionally abusive behavior can trick the world by being kind, caring, and generous to everyone else but those they are supposed to care about most. Let this show guide you through that confusing and often hurtful behavior.

Love and Abuse is the official podcast of The M.E.A.N. Workbook on emotional abuse and manipulation in relationships. You do not need the workbook to follow along, but taking the assessment in the workbook will help you pinpoint the issues that need the most attention in your relationship.

Use the podcast alone or with the workbook to give you a solid understanding of the state of your relationship so you can decide what steps you need to take next. The show and workbook will help you start your journey to regain your power and your life.

*All content on this site and in the podcast is for informational and educational purposes only. Always seek the advice of a medical or psychological professional before making any changes that could affect your physical or mental health.

Paul Colaianni
Behavior and Relationship Coach

Paul is the host of Love and Abuse and The Overwhelmed Brain, a popular emotional intelligence and personal development show for critically minded people. He resides in Atlanta, GA with his girlfriend Asha.

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