Two resources that have provided me with validation & understanding, that initiated the HEALING & the PEACE to overcome 2-decades of Emotional, Financial, Spiritual & Sexual Abuse. In all the various therapies/ courses/ podcasts/ 12-step groups, THIS podcast and THIS book / workbook has “connected the scattered dots” while giving a voice to my soul—-FINALLY.


“I think you are wonderful. I found your podcast about 6 months ago and have had so many eye opening insights that therapists years ago could not provide. Looking forward to The M.E.A.N. Workbook. I know I’m in a manipulative relationship…just figuring it out FINALLY…feeling stupid yet hopeful and waiting for your wise insight and guidance.


“I’ve just purchased The MEAN Workbook… I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you do to help people in these situations.  There must be an enormous number of couples out there who are in abusive relationships who may not even realise it because of their upbringing or other circumstances.  I never realised that what I was doing in my relationship constituted emotional abuse, or that my partner was being manipulative/abusive too, and I wouldn’t have started to work on my issues had it not been for your podcast. You have enabled myself and thousands of others to have a happier future and I’m eternally grateful!


I listened to all of your podcasts, sometimes two and three times. I’m leaving this toxic relationship of age… I’ve finally hit the end. I knew she was abusive long ago but didn’t have a name for it. Nobody cares to even acknowledge that men are abused as well. It’s a ‘silent scream’ because people don’t think men are abused: only women. And nobody will give a man a sympathetic ear but a good therapist, which I have. I remember you said that you will finally leave when you’re pushed so far that you just don’t care. You don’t care what your adult kids say or your friends or anybody. It’s a matter of emotional life or death… Paul, you’re a godsend. Thank you so much for your work.”


“Just wanted to let you know how much your love and abuse podcasts have helped me but more importantly my children. I am so incredibly thankful, words can’t describe. My husband was very emotionally and verbally abusive due to a very traumatic childhood. I wanted to just see the good in him but thanks to a lot of healing and realizing, your podcasts being a major component of that, I was able to see that our relationship was hurting all of us. Leaving was THE BEST thing for all us and the kids. He needed to lose everything in order for him begin his own healing process. Not only will my emotional and physical health continue to improve due to the lack of constant and never ending stress and anxiety (walking on eggshells constantly and dealing with his severe outburst of anger), my boys will be healthier, my ex will be healthier, our extended family will be healthier (not having to worry as much). Thank you thank you thank you!!! Please keep up what you’re doing. No pressure 😉 but you’re saving people and I’m so grateful to have found your podcast.


All I can say is wow! You’ve empowered me so much and your words have literally changed my whole thought processes on shame, being a good mother, and how I feel about choosing the “wrong” life partner… I need to break free from analysing my husband and live the fulfilling life with my children, family and friends who treat me with respect and kindness, that I always deserved and intended to.


I just wanted to say thank you for your show. I have listened and re-listened to the episodes since I came across it a few weeks back. Anytime I feel myself feeling the guilt of leaving my toxic husband… and “breaking up” my family… your words daily keep me on track and keep the reminder that I do deserve better and that although he does not see his behavior fully, that is not my problem anymore and I cannot feel guilt for him… Your words give me the power and strength to be strong about how I feel and again, keep me on track with leaving. thank you.


I don’t know how to thank you……You’ve truly transformed my thinking and have given me perspective on a lot of things. You are truly God send… It was the start of my journey with your podcasts and MEAN workbook. I connected the dots… Paul I resonate with almost all the pointers and yet I missed all the red flags. I heard of it and never saw myself as a victim and only came face to face with the terminologies you used in your book such as triangulation, stonewalling, gaslighting, labelling, silent treatment, cold shoulder, tracking my every move, withholding financial and sexual pleasure… I know it’s a long way for my recovery but I’m glad it’s happening now. I truly can’t wait to get acquainted with ME. Not sure who or what I am but am happy to embark on this journey of self-discovery. Thanks Paul


I was introduced to your podcast, Love & Abuse, 2 weeks ago by my all time favorite celebrity after writing a fan message and my life of verbal abuse. I’m not a podcast listener… But the advice my favorite celebrity gave me and found your podcast for me. I’ve listened to a few episodes and I cried because it hit me. They weren’t bad tears. They were tears because I could relate. Each day I listen to more of your podcasts and I’ll continue to. I truly thank you for that!”


I can’t even tell you how helpful and practical this podcast is I’m listening to the forgiveness podcasts and I’m driving down the road bawling because it just hits so close that we do beat ourselves up for not making a different decision and looking at it that way that we just weren’t capable or weren’t that person at the time to make those decisions is so helpful I have shared this podcast on a couple different domestic violence groups because I found every episode so meaningful


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